The Testimonial of a Fledgling Kratom User


I am a brand new user and member of the kratom community. I’m what people would consider a lurker due to being a novice when it comes to this wonderful, powerful plant. Since I am a writer with personal experience, I thought this would be the perfect time for me to jump into the kratom community with my own testimonial about how I started, and what I have encountered since. I have looked at and purchased from different vendors, I do read vendor reviews, I start a lot of kratom threads on 4chan boards to read experiences and a close friend advises me. He actually introduced me to kratom.

Like I said, I started including kratom in my life when my close friend told me would be perfect for me as a content and freelance writer. I had complained about a lack of energy and inability to focus, and frankly, I was not really motivated either. Needing to eat, pay bills and spend money on other necessary things didn’t motivate me at all. Half of the time I felt a huge weight on my chest when I would need to sit down and write or go outside. I think it is pretty obvious I have some issues with depression and anxiety. The issues started after getting hurt badly in a kitchen, which makes pain a problem.

I ordered 10 grams of white vein kratom from a vendor called Feng Shui Kratom. It was Maeng Da white vein too so it was strong. It did help, but I felt it was a bit too much maybe. Since I was told white was for flight, green for in between and red for bed, I decided to order some green vein Maeng Da. I went to the website, and they stopped doing retail orders. I panicked because it did help my productivity a lot.

My friend, and a couple of reviews I read to back up his suggestion, pointed me to PA Botanicals. The PA stands for Pennsylvania, but the names of the powders were still odd to me. I was told to try something called Green Machine because it contained two different green veins and two white veins. It has changed my life. I will eventually try other brands and blends after I build up to buying a kilo so I’m never without my all-purpose medication.

The single most informative source I’ve found on kratom, including vendors, experiences, reviews, how to potentiate it, keep tolerance low and consistently reduce tolerance, is here.